in dreams

from by Claire Raby



he visits in dreams
sad and smiling
blue-grey and sea green
he overwhelms me
so endearingly

wrong from the start
I'm (get) used to it

he haunts me in my sleep
and I wake to find I'm missing
that feeling of defeat
but needing him all the same

I see it in his eyes
they're noble and revealing
of some loyalty to time
he can't bother with the feeling

but how can I expect to change his mind
there's no way that we can change what we've left behind

the only time we speak
is when I'm settled in to sleep
and I am startled every time
that you could really be so kind

and I am terrified of what I might say
and I am still ashamed of words that I've claimed

he haunts me in my sleep
(the only time we speak)
and I wake to find I'm missing
(is when I'm settled into sleep)
(sad and smiling)
that feeling of defeat
(and I am startled every time)
but needing him all the same
(that you could really be so kind)
(and sea green)

I see it in his eyes
(and I am terrified to say)
(rolled in cozy)
they're noble and revealing
(that I could really feel this way)
I wonder of the guise
(and I've been feeling so ashamed)
what his kindness is concealing
(of all the bullshit that I've claimed and I have so much strain)

with so much strain on my heart
I'll never get used to used to it (this)


from sampler 2013, track released July 2, 2010
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all rights reserved


Claire Raby Riverhead, New York

Claire Raby is a singer/songwriter who writes dark, emotive ballads with layers of harmonies and rounds of infectious melodies. Her ethereal voice haunts many of the cafés, churches, bars and basements of eastern Long Island. She has been performing solo for 13+ years, and counting (every one), and her performances are graced occasionally with backing vocals by some very talented L.I. musicians. ... more

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