from by Claire Raby



I watch the outline of your fingers fade
and imprint it in my brain alongside every inch of your face
align my thoughts like objects in a row
I'll never get this straight, and I'll never let it go

if I drop a coin in this jar, maybe I'll be saved
("god save you, save you")
("save ourselves")
("you can't save me")
do you play with knives like I wander the streets at night
to prove you're not afraid?

I tend to be attentive to the details
in my scheme of things, insignificance is all that's real
my truth transforms into fiction behind my eyes
it hides in the light ("the light behind your eyes")

firelight in the snow
I prayed for your safe home
my former life comes to close
("[when] you can't get home")
another blank headstone
but what can I say
it is never too late to grow old
and what if I save myself
only to be stuck in the cold ("so close")

one step too many
three for every
five stages of grief
("a denial, a denial")
we're sick, so sullied
from seven days running
we're tired of losing sleep
(I ate my pride for you)
("a denial, a denial")

I tell myself I love you
but what have I come to
I listen close for word of you
(my ears open, my heart is shut)
oh, what have you come to
(I procreate my own bad luck)
what have we come to?

one step too many
(I tell myself I love you)
three for every
five stages of grief
(but what have we come to)
we're sick, so sullied
("denial, a denial")
(I'll listen close for word of you)
from seven days running
I hate myself over you
(oh, what have we come to)

one, two, three, I'll bleed this disease
("denial, a denial")
(I tell myself I love you)
for five days straight into defeat
(but what have you done now)
cease to be so accepting of extremes
(I'll wait here for word from you)
be grateful for this grain of wheat
(oh, what have I come to)


from contention, track released August 20, 2014
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Claire Raby Riverhead, New York

Claire Raby is a singer/songwriter who writes dark, emotive ballads with layers of harmonies and rounds of infectious melodies. Her ethereal voice haunts many of the cafés, churches, bars and basements of eastern Long Island. She has been performing solo for 13+ years, and counting (every one), and her performances are graced occasionally with backing vocals by some very talented L.I. musicians. ... more

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