burn out

from by Claire Raby



the worst is all the fire that you breathe into my lungs
and when you leave me it just smoulders and I'm left with fumes and sludge
if the worst is over, why am I still clutching to my guns?
(will you tell me if I falter, if I step beyond my bounds)
if I can't be forward, why do I keep walking backwards?
(I can't take another love that lives under shadows and overtones)

and when you see me, I will be young
and when you leave me, I will be done

(there's no more can be done)

(slow down, take your time now
my heart stills till it falls out)

if only I could cut these words from the tip of my tongue
and cut out my eyes so I would no longer see you in my reflection
you're only real if I speak your name
"love" only exists scribbled on the scraps that litter my brain, and...
(on the scattered scraps that fill my brain, and)

(come now, you're alive still
don't just lie down and wait for time to burn out)

the earth is all on fire and I've gotten so tired
of trying to save what can't be saved
I'm losing all my patients who were stable
till I made concessions, and left them to this wreck that can't be staved

all along my world was sick
it all has always turned to shit
and all in all this was never all we are
(all in all was never all we are)

(all we knew was all we learned
all we saw was how things turned
all we ever wanted was to love)

oh no, I've sold my soul
oh no, I've stolen it all
oh no, I wish you wouldn't go
(I wish I didn't have to go)
(can I hold on?)


from contention, track released April 30, 2014
(for song credits see forrestrose.com)



all rights reserved


Claire Raby Riverhead, New York

Claire Raby is a singer/songwriter who writes dark, emotive ballads with layers of harmonies and rounds of infectious melodies. Her ethereal voice haunts many of the cafés, churches, bars and basements of eastern Long Island. She has been performing solo for 13+ years, and counting (every one), and her performances are graced occasionally with backing vocals by some very talented L.I. musicians. ... more

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